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The Epic Adventures
Recycle Rabbit

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What other heroes joined Recycle Rabbit and friends?

Check out the gallery:


The Fonz


Jenny Weasley and more!

Never fear! Recycle Rabbit is here!


Recycle Rabbit, your favorite environmental champion, has returned for another “hare-raising” adventure with Jester Puppets!


The long-eared star of Jester Puppets’ anti-bullying program, “H.E.R.O.s” now has his very own show!  Thousands of young people and their parents loved the crazy antics of this lovable superhero as he traveled to libraries throughout the Midwest and across the U.S. with Wizard World. 


And now he is back with “The Epic Adventures of Recycle Rabbit” where he will help kids understand how they can face challenges, make their world a better place and become

Champions of Conservation!


You will never have a bad “hare” day when you host Jester Puppets for your Summer Reading Program.  We guarantee all the fun and laughter you've come to love with Jester Puppets!

Schedule your own Recycle Rabbit show with

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