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Jester Puppets presents "Weird Science" summer reading program in 2012.

Jester Puppets

In 2006 stuntman Kevin Coble brought professional jousting to Iowa through the creation of JoustEvolution, and with it, a children's historical educational program.

Fast forward to 2012 where you will witness the uprising of Kevin's humor in the form of felt, foam and fur.

Introducing Jester Puppets!!

The creative performances of Jester Puppets bring imagination and laughter together for children in a way that will enhance their education.

We specialize in creative and original shows for Summer Reading Programs, but Jester Puppets is also available for child care facilities, schools and many other venues which cater to kids. 

 And if we don't have a show for it already, we will write one!

Amy Coble received her degree in Medical Biology from Oklahoma Christian University in 1991, but little did she know what the future held and how her talents would come into play. 


Prior to working with Jester Puppets, Amy served as the Executive Director for a non-profit therapeutic riding program as well as a certified riding instructor for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. 


Now with Jester Puppets and its sister company, JoustEvolution, Amy wears a variety of hats: office manager, horse trainer, performer and puppet wrangler.  She strongly believes in the company mission to inspire others to live with passion. “If you are passionate about what you do in life, you can make a positive change in the world.” 

Grayson Gambrall is a seasoned Jester Puppets performer at the ripe old age of 21.  And he began his career with the Jester Puppets / JoustEvolution / Stage Fright group at the same time he embarked on that great journey called “High School.”


When he is not performing as Pizza Boy or the loveable life size bear with Jester Puppets, you can find Grayson as part of JoustEvolution’s comedy relief team of Happy and Grumpy. 


Grayson’s comical sense of humor and willingness to have fun on stage always guarantees a round of laughter from the kids…and who are we kidding?  The adults love him too! 

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