Jester Puppets’ “Fairy Tales (Unhinged)” brings you the classics, but these are not your Mother Goose’s stories… 

In the way that only Jester Puppets can, we bring enormous fun, hilarity and downright silliness to kids’ favorite fables. Young imaginations will soar to new heights on the sounds of treasured laughter.

Join the excitement of Jester Puppets as we shoot for the moon in 2020! 


The team performed over 70 shows this past summer, and now everyone is thrilled to share the new “Fairy Tales (Unhinged)” with even more families. 

Kids will want to travel over the river and through the woods to see the latest and greatest from

Jester Puppets!  


Kevin & Amy Coble | | (515) 745-0069 | Des Moines, Iowa
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