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JoustEvolution is Iowa’s only professional joust team, bringing thrills and excitement throughout the Midwest!


And now you can transport knights and ladies of the realm directly to your library or school!

In 2006, JoustEvolution was created by stuntman Kevin Coble who has jousted professionally across the U.S. for over 20 years.  His vision combines hard-hitting action with a great sense of humor to design entertainment that all ages can appreciate and love.


The performances of JoustEvolution provide spectators with amazing feats and great laughs, but they also are intended to inspire those watching in the audience, whether they be young, old, boy or girl.  The female characters in JoustEvolution performances are strong and carry a special duty of inspiring young women to find their potential and to be confident.  The team adamantly believes in encouraging all young people to be positive, respectful and self-assured.


And JoustEvolution carries these beliefs into the community with our Age of Chivalry program.  Performers from the actual stunt team visit schools, libraries and other groups who would like to learn what it is like to perform in a joust. 


Speakers emphasize the respect, communication and strength it takes to execute highly dangerous stunts.  Authentic jousting equipment is provided at the program with hands-on demonstrations allowing audience members to not only see the equipment, but handle it as well.  Each and every presentation gives insight into what we do with our characteristic humor that is appropriate for all ages.

For more information on how to bring a professional joust team to your event, contact Amy at

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